Diploma Program

10 months of classes with information, impartation and activation in the following areas:

Discipleship: 4 weeks; During this module students learn how to navigate the process of becoming and making disciples.

Biblical Interpretation: 8 weeks: During this module students learn how to inductively study the text of scripture.

Christian Doctrine: 10 Weeks This portion of the training is geared towards helping students to understand the basic tenets of Christianity across denominational lines.

Theology Proper: The Study of God

Christology: The Study of Christ

Pneumatology: The Study of Holy Spirit

Bibliology: The Study of the Bible

Ecclesiology: The Study of the Church and its history

Eschatology: The Study of Last Things

Angelology: The Study of Angels and their part in God’s plan for His covenant people

Anthropology: The Study of Man

Soteriology: The Study of Salvation (God’s sovereign act of redeeming mankind through Jesus Christ

Hamartiology: The study of Sin and its effects on living a victorious life

Spiritual Warfare: 8 weeks; In this portion of the module of the class we study the forces which oppose Christians in their everyday lives.

Leadership: 8 weeks; During this phase of the training students are taught the fundamental principles of leadership and how to lead individual teams and organizations successfully.

Homiletics: 4 weeks: During this phase students learn the basic principles of sermon preparation and have the chance to culminate their training experience in a presentation to their class.

During the last 2 weeks the students undergo evaluations and final exams.


Certificate Program

Gladiator Camp
Prepare for battle! Gladiator Camp is a two-day intensive course on Spiritual Warfare, Intercession and Prophetic Ministry where information is coupled with impartation and activation. 


Coming Soon

Associates and Bachelors Degree Programs