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DTI provides a comprehensive, balanced Christian education curriculum, teaching sound doctrine and biblical principles in a foundational setting.


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Whether you’re new to DTI or looking to take a refresher course, you can find information about admissions and registration here…

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Apply Now! Thank you for applying for admission. Please set aside approximately 30 minutes to complete the application and attach supporting documents. You may save what you have entered and return to the application at any time in the future. After submitting the application you will be able to pay the $25 (USD) application fee by credit card (Discover, Visa, MasterCard) or E-check.

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Our faculty will review and reply to your application.

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Once accepted, our team will email you the student course access link and registration instructions.



Academic Programs

10 months of classes with information, impartation and activation in the following areas:


4 weeks; During this module, students learn how to navigate the process of becoming and making disciples.

Christian Doctrine

10 Weeks This portion of the training is geared towards helping students to understand the basic tenets of Christianity across denominational lines.

Theology Proper: The Study of God

Christology: The Study of Christ

Pneumatology: The Study of Holy Spirit

Bibliology: The Study of the Bible

Ecclesiology: The Study of the Church and its history

Eschatology: The Study of Last Things

Angelology: The Study of Angels and their part in God’s plan for His covenant people

Anthropology: The Study of Man

Soteriology: The Study of Salvation (God’s sovereign act of redeeming mankind through Jesus Christ

Hamartiology: The study of Sin and its effects on living a victorious life

Biblical Interpretation

8 weeks: During this module, students learn how to inductively study the text of scripture.

Spiritual Warfare

8 weeks; In this portion of the module of the class we study the forces which oppose Christians in their everyday lives.


8 weeks; During this phase of the training students are taught the fundamental principles of leadership and how to lead individual teams and organizations successfully.


4 weeks: During this phase students learn the basic principles of sermon preparation and have the chance to culminate their training experience in a presentation to their class.

Certificate Program


Gladiator Camp

Prepare for battle! Gladiator Camp is a two-day intensive course on Spiritual Warfare, Intercession and Prophetic Ministry where information is coupled with impartation and activation.